Surfaces metal cleaning, treatments-hp


Thanks to its rotating table, rotating hook, rubber belt and steel belt shot-blasting machines, Simet can treat items of any given dimension and weight with 0.3 to 2 mm shots, up to an SA 2.5 finishing level. 

A forty-years experience gained in surface treatments has enabled Simet to design a FINE SHOT-BLASTING innovative procedure fit for prestigious and delicate components. Together with the traditional shot-blasting treatments, it puts Simet on the forefront of its business sector. 

Fine shot-blasting is used for:

  • surface roughening to enhance the adhesion of subsequent varnish layers;
  • surface homogenization;
  • removal of oxidations, encrustations, burrs and welding traces;
  • decalamining of steel items and parts;
  • elimination of inaesthetic angles and sharp profiles.