This is a chemical plunging treatment aimed at removing and dissolving oxides and incrustations present on the piece surface; Simet is also able to machine large iron and aluminium items as well.

Stainless steel pickling and other metals

What is it for

This process is used to remove rust, the oxide that forms on the surface and other elements that do not allow an effective next process.

This process prepares the metal piece:

  • to be welded to another piece
  • to apply the anticorrosive coating
  • for anodizing or passivation (which are electrochemical anticorrosive treatments)
  • for chrome plating
  • for subsequent painting

How the pickling process is done

It is mostly done by the immersion of the piece or surface in the solution.

Surface protection

Pickling attacks surfaces that react differently in some points or that already have more delicate areas at the start of the process.

For this reason, protective solutions are often added to the liquids used for pickling.

This metal cleaning process is applied to industrial manufacturing of components for automotive, aeronautical and naval industries.

This process can be performed both before or after other treatments to which the material is subjected, for example in steel production it takes place after the bending or the thermal shaping, or after the welding.