Bodywork treatments: our know-how

Simet can claim a wide experience in the treatment of bodyworks within to major fields of use:

  • preparation of race cars
  • restoration of vintage cars

All treatments performed on the bodyworks guarantee their integrity, without altering their geometry, welding and threads. Special care is dedicated to vintage car bodyworks and components so as to restore the original conditions of each component of these unique pieces.

All treatments performed on competition cars are approved by the F.I.A. rules. Simet’s specialization in this specific sector is confirmed by relevant national and foreign firms who have chosen it as their exclusive supplier for such services.

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Our pyrolytic system enables to restore the “raw” condition of the bodyworks, or their parts, by removing any trace of paint, filler, glue, anti-vibration sheets, etc. without altering their geometry, welding and threads. This also prevents deformations of the vehicle as the treatment is performed flame-free, by exploiting exclusively heat and without temperature variations.

Pyrolytic paint-stripping is preferred over than traditional sandblasting which would not enable suitable polishing of hidden cavities and boxed elements, and in time sand residuals would penetrate the interstices.


Pickling for vintage cars

This treatment is carried out after paint-stripping and enables to completely remove rust.

Pickling is obtained by plunging the pieces in special chemical baths so as to completely remove rust also from concealed cavities and boxed elements.

The final result is qualitatively and aesthetically excellent, the surface is polished and ready for re-varnishing.

Silking for race cars

This removes zincing, surface oxide and any possible dross. It enables to obtain resistant imperfection-free welds and durability of the material in time.

Cataphoresis: electrostatic varnishing for vintage and race cars

On request, Simet can offer electrostatic plunging varnishing, i.e. “cataphoresis”, of bodyworks and/or car parts.

This procedure  can be performed only after pickling or silking and prevents the formation of rust because it can reach any part of the item.