What is metal sandblasting

This is a finishing procedure performed through sand launching so as to improve the surface appearance of metal pieces or parts of them.

Aluminum sandblasting, stainless steel and other materials sandblasting

The sandblasting process is applied to steel, metal alloys, cast iron, wood, ceramics, stones and marbles.

What is the purpose of sandblasting the metal

Sandblasting is one of the preferred metal cleaning procedures to prepare the piece for the next treatments or the application of a protective layer.

This surface metal process is also used to remove layers of paint, calcifications, oxides, plastic coatings.

At the end of the process of the material with sandblasting, the surface has variable roughness depending on the size of the material used for sandblasting and the pressure of the air jet.

Sandblasting Torino

Sandblasting can be executed with corundum and glass micro-balls: it is a manual and fine treatment such as to clean and polish the sandblasted pieces without the need of embedded abrasive particles; this procedure is generally used for fragile and valuable items.

Fine sandblasting

Among its most common uses are:

  • preparation of surfaces for subsequent treatments such as anodizing and chromium plating, ecc.;
  • removal of oxides and welding residuals;
  • polishing and opacification of moulds for plastic materials and pressure die-casting.