Vibro-abrasion for metal surfaces

Vibro-abrasion for metal surfaces It’s a specific treatment for the preparation of metal surfaces that Simet has developed and perfected thanks to a long time experience: it’s based on the tumbling but without a mechanical aggression, just a delicate abrasion with very fine granulometry material that can smash small burrs and sharp edges, making the

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Pickling This is a chemical plunging treatment aimed at removing and dissolving oxides and incrustations present on the piece surface; Simet is also able to machine large iron and aluminium items as well. Surfaces metal cleaning

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shot blasting metal cleaning


Grit-blasting Thanks to its rotating table, rotating hook, rubber belt and steel belt shot-blasting machines, Simet can treat items of any given dimension and weight with 0.3 to 2 mm shots, up to an SA 2.5 finishing level.  A forty-years experience gained in surface treatments has enabled Simet to design a FINE SHOT-BLASTING innovative procedure fit for prestigious and

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metal sandblasting


Sandblasting This is a finishing procedure performed through sand launching so as to improve the surface appearance of metal pieces or parts of them.  It can be executed with corundum and glass micro-balls: it is a manual and fine treatment such as to clean and polish the sandblasted pieces without the need of embedded abrasive

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industrial filter cleaning

Cleaning industrial filters

Cleaning industrial filters: the choice that works well for the company and the environment Simet, among its services, offers the cleaning for all kinds of industrial filters: cartridge filters, rigid pocket filters, filter cells, drop separators and many other types. Paint spray systems, such as line equipment, also require regular cleaning. The cleaning and regeneration

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degreasing and cleaning of metals


Degreasing This procedure is carried out through an innovative spray washing or plunging system, using water solution detergents. This eliminates the use of solvents, which cause a series of connected issues. The cycle includes:  degreasing demineralized water rinsing hot air drying oiling to protect against atmospheric agents, if required. Surfaces metal cleaning

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tumbling - metal cleaning

Vibro-barrel polishing

Vibro-barrel polishing Vibro-barrel polishing machines are used to deburr and polish; they enhance efficiency by exploiting inserts and specific liquids.  Among its most common uses are: drying and deburring of small metal objects (brackets, washers, moulded pieces, ecc.); polishing and deburring of die-cast aluminium pieces; polishing of zama and aluminium pieces; polishing of machined steel

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