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Surface treatments of metals: metal sandblasting, milling, surfaces metal cleaning and metal paint-stripping services

In 1979, Simet began the activity of metals sandblasting in the historic laboratory of via Eritrea in Turin. in 2001, the property has passed into the hands of the second generation and Simet moved to the modern plant in via Feroggio, also in Turin, continuing from then to follow the path already traced by the founder, developing its services and becoming a point of reference in the field of metal surface treatments.

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surface treatments of metals


La sabbiatura è una lavorazione che avviene attraverso il lancio di sabbia ed è la lavorazione storica con cui la Simet ha iniziato la sua attività nel campo dei trattamenti superficiali dei metalli. La sabbiatura migliora la superficie e la prepara per le lavorazioni successive come l’anodizzazione e la cromatura.

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Con il trattamento di pallinatura o granigliatura la superficie del pezzo da trattare viene martellata tramite un getto di materiali metallici, sferici o angolosi. La Simet dispone di granigliatrici in grado di trattare manufatti di ogni dimensione e peso. Inoltre la Simet ha messo a punto il processo di micropallinatura adatto a componenti più delicati.

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Vibro-abrasion for metal surfaces

Vibro-abrasion for metal surfaces It’s a specific treatment for the preparation of metal surfaces that Simet has developed and perfected thanks to a long time experience. Delicate abrasion It’s based on the tumbling but without a mechanical aggression, just a delicate abrasion with very fine granulometry material that can smash small burrs and sharp edges,

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This is a chemical plunging treatment aimed at removing and dissolving oxides and incrustations present on the piece surface; Simet is also able to machine large iron and aluminium items as well.

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Chemical paint-stripping

Chemical paint-stripping This process requires plunging the components in special paint-stripping products, differentiated according to the type of material to be treated and created by Simet in cooperation with a a major chemical firm. All paint-stripping products are environment-friendly, chloride- and phenol-free with a low environmental impact; they enable to remove any kind of paintfrom

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Thermal paint-stripping

Thermal paint-stripping The pyrolytic oven method is particularly efficient and practical for two major fields of application: carts, skids, etc. which get covered by paint in time so much that they cannot be used any longer; to paint-strip ferrous metal products to be recovered. Metal paint-stripping Thermal paint-stripping, thermal stripping – before and after Metal

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