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Surface treatments of metals: sandblasting, milling, cleaning and stripping of metals

In 1979, Simet began the activity of metals sandblasting in the historic laboratory of via Eritrea in Turin. In 2001, the property has passed into the hands of the second generation and Simet moved to the modern plant in via Feroggio, also in Turin, continuing from then to follow the path already traced by the founder, developing its services and becoming a point of reference in the field of metal surface treatments.

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surface treatments of metals

green etCHing®: an innovation in the field of chemical milling

Thanks to the experience gained through forty years of activity, SIMET proposes a new and innovative metalworking process applicable also to aluminum: green etCHing™.

The green etCHing™ chemical milling represents a new milling method using a non-corrosive but smoothing method of removal.

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Chemical paint-stripping

Chemical paint-stripping This process requires plunging the components in special paint-stripping products, differentiated according to the type of material to be treated and created by Simet in cooperation with a a major chemical firm. All paint-stripping products are environment-friendly, chloride- and phenol-free with a low environmental impact; they enable to remove any kind of paintfrom

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Thermal paint-stripping

Thermal paint-stripping The pyrolytic oven method is particularly efficient and practical for two major fields of application:  carts, skids, etc. which get covered by paint in time so much that they cannot be used any longer; to paint-strip ferrous metal products to be recovered. This procedure is performed only through heat: paint is incinerated without altering

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Grit-blasting Thanks to its rotating table, rotating hook, rubber belt and steel belt shot-blasting machines, Simet can treat items of any given dimension and weight with 0.3 to 2 mm shots, up to an SA 2.5 finishing level.  A forty-years experience gained in surface treatments has enabled Simet to design a FINE SHOT-BLASTING innovative procedure fit for prestigious and

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