aluminum milling

green etCHing®: an innovation in the field of chemical milling

Thanks to the experience gained through forty years of activity, SIMET proposes a new and innovative metalworking process applicable also to aluminum: green etCHing™.

The green etCHing™ chemical milling represents a new milling method using a non-corrosive but smoothing method of removal.

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metal stripping

Chemical paint-stripping

Chemical paint-stripping This process requires plunging the components in special paint-stripping products, differentiated according to the type of material to be treated and created by Simet in cooperation with a a major chemical firm. All paint-stripping products are environment-friendly, chloride- and phenol-free with a low environmental impact; they enable to remove any kind of paintfrom

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thermal stripping

Thermal paint-stripping

Thermal paint-stripping The pyrolytic oven method is particularly efficient and practical for two major fields of application:  carts, skids, etc. which get covered by paint in time so much that they cannot be used any longer; to paint-strip ferrous metal products to be recovered. This procedure is performed only through heat: paint is incinerated without altering

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shot blasting metal cleaning


Grit-blasting Thanks to its rotating table, rotating hook, rubber belt and steel belt shot-blasting machines, Simet can treat items of any given dimension and weight with 0.3 to 2 mm shots, up to an SA 2.5 finishing level.  A forty-years experience gained in surface treatments has enabled Simet to design a FINE SHOT-BLASTING innovative procedure fit for prestigious and

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